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Tax Incubator with KPMG (1)

Hello everyone,

On the 25th of November, 2017, The Tax Club, OAU in collaboration with KPMG brought “Oil Money” to Ile Ife. It’s not what you’re thinking, we still haven’t found oil in Osun State but… after that experience, we’re close.

A Senior Manager at KPMG, Mr Femi Babem oversaw the tutelage. He had the most relatable anecdotes to describe concepts that were novel to us.

We learnt the extensive workings of the petroleum industry and the import of the Petroleum Profit Tax Act on the industry. There was also time to learn the computation processes for this tax type. Afterwards, The Club was split into several teams tagged “Team Alfa” or “Team Beta” with practical computation problems to solve.

It was fun-tastic, it was edu-taining and it was Tax Incubator XIII.